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Minify JavaScript in DocPad using UglifyJS

UglifyJS Plugin for DocPad

Minify JavaScript files with the uglify: true meta data, using UglifyJS.

docpad install uglify

Create a JavaScript file with the uglify option:

uglify: true
var hello = "Hello World!";

The default configuration for this plugin is the equivalant of adding the following UglifyJS options to your DocPad configuration file:

        # Disable UglifyJS on the development environment. 
                enabled: false
        # Pass false to skip compressing entirely. Pass an object to specify custom 
        # compressor options: . 
        compress: {}
        # Pass false to skip mangling names. 
        mangle: {}

It is possible to override the default configuration on a per-template basis:

    mangle: false
// The "hello" variable name will stay the same. 
var hello = "Hello World!";

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