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DocPad plugin which automatically creates a sitemap.xml file from HTML file output.

Sitemap Plugin for DocPad

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This DocPad plugin will automatically generate a valid sitemap.xml file for search engines. It's merely a wrapper for the sitemap.js library.

This project was forked from the solid start made by Khalid Jebbari.

To learn more about sitemap.xml files, read the protocol.


docpad install sitemap


For each document, you can specify the following metadata :

changfreq: 'always' || 'hourly' || 'daily' || 'weekly' || 'monthly' || 'yearly' || 'never' # Change frequency, defaults to 'weekly' 
priority: 0.5 # value between 0.0 and 1.0, defaults to 0.5 
sitemap: true || false # defaults to true, if false no entry for this document will be generated 

For the whole site you can set defaults using the plugin configuration in your docpad.cson or file.

            url: ""  # required for sitemap 
            cachetime: 600000
            changefreq: 'weekly'
            priority: 0.5
            filePath: 'sitemap.xml'

By default all HTML files on your site will be considered for inclusion. To specify a different collection, change the collectionName plugin configuration option like so:

            collectionName: 'someCollectionName'


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