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Adds super simple support for many 3rd party services to DocPad

Services Plugin for DocPad

Adds super simple support to DocPad for many 3rd party services, buttons and badges.

These 3rd party services:

These social buttons:

  • Google Plus One
  • Reddit Submit
  • Hacker News Submit
  • Facebook Like
  • Facebook Follow
  • Twitter Tweet
  • Twitter Follow
  • Github Follow
  • Github Star
  • Quora Follow

These service badges:

  • Travis CI
  • Gittip
  • Flattr
  • Paypal
docpad install services

Ensure your layout includes the scripts block. With eco, it will look something like this:

<%- @getBlock('scripts').toHTML() %>

This is used for the Gauges, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Reinvigorate, and Zopim services.

  • Disqus: <%- @getDisqus() %>
  • Service Buttons: <%- @getServiceButtons() %>

Add the following to your docpad configuration file:

# ... 
        url: ''
            buttons: ['FacebookLike']  # used to customise the order of the buttons 
                applicationId: '266367676718271'
                applicationId: '266367676718271'
                username: 'balupton'
            twitterTweetButton: 'balupton'
            twitterFollowButton: 'balupton'
            githubFollowButton: 'balupton'
            githubStarButton: 'bevry/docpad'
            quoraFollowButton: 'Benjamin-Lupton'
            travisStatusButton: 'bevry/docpad'
            furyButton: 'docpad'
            gittipButton: 'docpad'
            flattrButton: '344188/balupton-on-Flattr'
            paypalButton: 'QB8GQPZAH84N6'  # paypal button email id 
            disqus: 'disqus-id'
            gauges: 'gauges-id'
            googleAnalytics: 'googleAnalytics-id'
            inspectlet: 'inspectlet-id'
            mixpanel: 'mixpanel-id'
            reinvigorate: 'reinvigorate-id'
            zopim: 'zopim-id'
# .. 

If you would also like to disable a service inside the development environment, add the following as well:

# ... 
                    serviceToDisable: false
# ... 

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