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This project has been deprecated by my Sunny plugin. Go there. It's better in all ways.

Docpad S3

So this is one of the only useful things I've published, yay! Actually distributing my projects is new to me.

Basically, after your Docpad installation finishes generating the static documents, this plugin is meant to upload them all to Amazon S3.


In your Docpad site directory:

  • Temporary: npm install docpad-plugin-s3
  • Permanent: npm install --save docpad-plugin-s3 (should write the dependency to package.json)


There are 3 environment variables that must be configured:

  • DOCPAD_S3_KEY: AWS access key
  • DOCPAD_S3_SECRET: AWS access secret
  • DOCPAD_S3_BUCKET: S3 bucket to store the generated files in.


Generated files will be added to S3 whenever Docpad runs the generate hook.

Known bugs

  • Docpad crashes when the environment variables aren't set.
  • Uploads have issues (incorrect hashes sent to Amazon I think)