Adds support for the Sass CSS pre-processor to DocPad using node-sass

SCSS Plugin for DocPad using node-sass

Adds support for the SCSS CSS pre-processor to DocPad.

The indented .sass syntax is not supported by node-sass, so it is not supported by this plugin.

Convention: .css.scss

npm install --save docpad-plugin-nodesass
outputStyle: 'nested'|'compressed'

outputStyle is a String to determine how the final CSS should be rendered. Its value should be one of 'nested' or 'compressed'. 'expanded' and 'compact' are not currently supported by libsass.

An object that you can use to pass options to node-sass

bourbon: false|true

If set to true, the Bourbon mixin library will be available for use. (Using the node port)

debugInfo: false|'normal'|'map'

normal will print comments in the output css that indicates the source file name and line number. map will produce a sourcemap. Using either of these options instead of none will prevent you from being able to run any other process on the file (e.g., because debugInfo requires passing an actual file instead of stdin.

neat: false|true

If set to true, the Neat semantic grid framework will be available for use. (Using the node port.) Setting this to true will also set bourbon to true.

renderUnderscoreStylesheets: false|true

By default we prevent any SCSS stylesheets that filename starts with underscore character from being rendered and written to the output directory. This is to follow SCSS convention that such files are just intended to be included inside out stylesheets, and that they are not meant to be rendered by themselves. If you really want to, you can render the underscore stylesheets by setting the renderUnderscoreStylesheets option to true in your plugin's configuration.

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Licensed under the incredibly permissive MIT License
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