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DocPad Moment Plugin

Use the Moment module to format specified dates.

Getting Started

npm install --save docpad-plugin-moment

Configure some formats in your

    formats: [
      {raw: 'date'format: 'MMMM Do YYYY'formatted: 'humanDate'}
      {raw: 'date'format: 'YYYY-MM-DD'formatted: 'computerDate'}
  • raw = the name of the existing attribute in your content
  • format = the format you want it changed to
  • formatted = a name for the new version

Then, in your template, instead of:

<span>Posted on <%- @date %></span>

You would do:

<span>Posted on <%- @humanDate %></span>


  • Provide a generic templateHelper for on-the-fly formatting
  • Maybe incorporate some of the other functionality of Moment.js?