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Add admin features to docpad


I know there has been a lot of talk about defining a roadmap to build a docpad GUI, but I needed an admin panel with basic CMS features right now, so I just made one. It is far from being perfect but it works.

  • Configure everything on your file: admin path, password, lists, filters, forms
  • List and Manage your content with a very easy user interface
  • Create forms to edit your content with built-in components: datepicker, wysiwyg, markdown, image upload, tags with autocomplete

Run docpad install minicms

Then, you should definitely take a look at the file of the blog example project in order to know how to configure the plugin.

To run the demo, download the zip file including a blog example project.

Go to the examples/blog/ directory and run:

npm install
./app run

Then you can try the admin panel by going on http://localhost:9778/cms/ (access: admin/password) and see what it becomes on clicking the "Site" item of the navbar.

Editing an article

All these projects that were very helpful: