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Add admin features to Docpad


An admin panel for Docpad?

I know there has been a lot of talk about defining a roadmap to build a docpad GUI, but I needed an admin panel with basic CMS features right now, so I just made one. It is far from being perfect but it works.

Key features

  • Configure everything on your file: admin path, password, lists, filters, forms
  • List and Manage your content with a very easy user interface
  • Create forms to edit your content with built-in components: datepicker, wysiwyg, markdown, image upload, tags with autocomplete

How to use

Run docpad install minicms

Then, you should definitely take a look at the file of the blog example project in order to know how to configure the plugin.


To run the demo, download the zip file including a blog example project.

Go to the examples/blog/ directory and run:

npm install
./app run

Then you can try the admin panel by going on http://localhost:9778/cms/ (access: admin/password) and see what it becomes on clicking the "Site" item of the navbar.

Articles listing in admin panel


Editing an article


Blog example resulting main page


Thanks to...

All these projects that were very helpful: