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Adds support for the Jade templating engine to DocPad.

Jade Plugin for DocPad

Adds support for the Jade templating engine to DocPad

Convention: .anything.jade

docpad install jade

Before you get started with Jade, it is important to be aware of one thing. The majority of support questions that come through with DocPad, aren't actually DocPad issues, but Jade issues. People confusing the syntax, Jade doing it's own templating magic, things like that.

The DocPad team recommends you try one of the many other amazing templating engines that are available, over trying to use Jade.

If you still insist on using Jade, please be aware, Jade will be a slippery slope, but luckily there are determined Jade users here to help :)

Use just like any jade template. However, we do add any docpad template helpers you may have as jade filters. There are two ways you can use these filters:

-# first way, calls the template helper like: myTemplateHelper("content", {opt1="blah",opt2="blah",opt3=true})
-# second way, calls the template helper like: myTemplateHelper(arg1, arg2)

NOTE: Not all template helpers support being called this way. If it doesn't work, we'd recommend using the text plugin to render eco which includes your template helper call. See following section.

Since 1.10.0 Jade supports jstransformers, which allows improved handling of embedded languages such as Coffee-Script, and deprecated Transformers support in filters - to be removed in 2.0.0.

All JSTransformers can now be used as jade filters.

You can use the text plugin to render different parts of your template with different markups that are support by your docpad setup. Once installed, you can do things like:

    here is some *markdown*
    here is some <%-'eco'.toUpperCase()%> to *markdown* to html
    my url is <%-@document.url%>


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