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HeapDump Plugin for DocPad

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Generates heap snapshots during specified docpad events that can be loaded in to the chrome profiler. Snapshot files are generated in the root of docpad by default


        # default output path relative to the docpad root path
        snapshotPath: "snapshots"
        # default events that this plugin write a snapshot at (change to suit your docpad instance)
        events: [
            'writeAfter' # (default)
Some of the events that can be specified
    'writeAfter' # (default)

Full event list is here

Be warned that snapshoting the render event will take a long time depending on how many documents you have to render. So use wisley, i.e. a test instance of docpad with 3 files to render


Good advice here:


You can discover the history inside the file


You can discover the contributing instructions inside the file


Licensed under the incredibly permissive MIT License
Copyright © 2013+ Stringz Solutions Ltd
Copyright © 2013+ Peter Flannery