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Date URLs Plugin for DocPad

Adds support for date based URLs to DocPad


npm install --save docpad-plugin-dateurls


The purpose of this plugin is to enable date based url paths based on the a date metadata field within a post.

Add a date yaml header to posts you would like to have a date based url

For /documents/posts/

name: my blog post
date: 2012-10-21


Document Paths

By default dateurls will pickup documents within /documents/posts if you would like to process a different folder under documents add:

      documentPath: 'yourpath'

Clean Urls

By default the files paths will have the file extension:

If you would like to have clean urls such as:

Pass true to the cleanurl configuration property

      cleanurl: true

Trailing Slashes

When using clean urls a route will be added with the forms

If you wish to have links to the post use a trailing slash pass true to the trailingSlashes configuration property

      trailingSlashes: true

Collection Name

If you would like dateurls to process documents in a collection you defined yourself (instead of documents in a specific document path), you can tell the plugin which collection to use explicitly:

      collectionName: 'myCollection'

Date Format

If you wish to format the date portion of the generated URL differently, you can tell the plugin which date format to use with moment explicitly:

      dateFormat: '/YYYY/MM'


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