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    CSV Plugin for DocPad

    This plugin provides DocPad with CSV data mapping. CSV are numbers that represent the cost of an item or a mapping from one value to another.


    npm install --save docpad-plugin-csv



    To use, first create the src/csv directory, and place any set of config files you want to use in there.

    Then in our templates we will be exposed with the @csv(config_file,data_point) function. The data_point argument is NOT optional, and is used to send custom data to the csv's templateData.

    The following options are available: csvPath - [csv] directory name under `src' where the csv files are loaded from currency - [''] What currency symbol you want to use if you are outputting prices decimal - [2] How many decimal places are displayed decimalPoint - ['.'] What symbol is used to represent the decimal point thausandSep - [','] What symbol is used to represent the thousand seperator in numbers. Use '' if you dont want any. defExtension - ['csv'] This is added to each of the data filenames used into the commands. Just makes it shorter to type. zeroIs - ['TBD'] When a price is created and the value is 0 then this is used to represent the 0.


    Create a file called test.csv in the src/csv folder. Add the following two lines: ABC, 1559 DEF, 12.99 XYZ, Hello there

    This basically is a mapping from ABC to 1559 and from DEF to 12.

    Inside a test document we can use this command to replace ABC entries with the value from the csv file. <%- @csv('test', 'ABC') %> will produce 559 <%- @csv('test', 'DEF') %> will produce 12.99 <%- @csv('test', 'XYZ') %> will produce Hello there

    If you are working with numbers then you can also do this: <%- @csvPrice('test', 'ABC') %> will produce 1,559.00 <%- @csvPrice('test', 'DEF') %> will produce 12.99

    or if you want numbers but no decimals: <%- @csvPriceNoDec('test', 'ABC') %> will produce 1,559 <%- @csvPriceNoDec('test', 'DEF') %> will produce 12


    You can discover the history inside the file


    Licensed under the incredibly permissive MIT License
    Copyright © 2012 Cerebus Software CC




    npm i docpad-plugin-csv

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