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Template engine consolidation plugin for DocPad.

Template Engine Consolidation for DocPad

Adds support for a number of template engines to DocPad, using Consolidate.js.


docpad install consolidate
  1. Install the library for the desired template engine:

    npm install --save ejs
  2. Use the template engine in a file such as src/documents/test.html.ejs:

    title: EJS
    <p>This is <%= document.title %></p>

It is possible to toggle which supported template engines are rendered using Consolidate.js, by editing your DocPad configuration file:

atpl: true
dot: true
dust: true
eco: true
ect: true
ejs: true
haml: true
'haml-coffee': true
handlebars: true
hogan: true
jade: true
jazz: true
jqtpl: true
just: true
liquor: true
lodash: true
mote: true
mustache: true
nunjucks: true
qejs: true
ractive: true
swig: true
templayed: true
toffee: true
underscore: true
walrus: true
whiskers: true

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