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coffeelint Plugin for DocPad

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npm install --save docpad-plugin-coffeelint


For information on customizing your plugin configuration you can refer to the DocPad FAQ

Ignore Files

ignoreFiles: ['path/file.js']

ignoreFiles accepts an array of file paths to ignore while hinting.

Ignore Paths

ignorePaths: ['path/']

ignorePaths accepts an array of directory paths to ignore while hinting.

Ignore Minified Files

ignoreMinified: boolean

ignoreMinified accepts a boolean which determines whether files ending in .min.js are ignored. The default is true.


globals: {var: boolean}

globals is an object of global variables, with keys as names and a boolean value to determine if they are assignable.

coffeelint options

lintOptions is an object where you can pass any of coffeelint's options


You can discover the history inside the file


You can discover the contributing instructions inside the file


Licensed under the incredibly permissive MIT License
Copyright © 2013+ Jimmy King