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Chrome timeline generator that records events from Docpad events

Chrome Timeline Plugin for DocPad

Generates a chrome timeline log for specified docpad events that can then be loaded in to the chrome dev timeline tool. Log files are generated in the root of docpad under /chrometimeline by default

        # default output path relative to the docpad root path
        timelinePath: "chrometimeline"
        # default events that this plugin records 
        events: [
            {start: 'render', marker: 'trigger'}
            {start: 'renderDocument',  marker: 'trigger'}
            {start: 'generateBefore',  end:'generateAfter',  marker: 'trigger'}
            {start: 'parseBefore',  end:'parseAfter'}
            {start: 'populateCollectionsBefore',  end:'populateCollections'}
            {start: 'contextualizeBefore',  end:'contextualizeAfter'}
            {start: 'renderBefore',  end:'renderAfter'}
            {start: 'renderCollectionBefore',  end:'renderCollectionAfter'}
            {start: 'writeBefore' end:'writeAfter'}
            {start: 'serverBefore',  end:'serverAfter'}

There are two type's of markers:

  1. A duration marker (default) that calculates the time between the start and end events. (omit the marker: property)
  2. A trigger marker that is fired once per event.
    To use, specify marker: "trigger" with the start: {{evenName}} property (see above config examples)
    Note: if an end event is also specified it to will be recorded as a trigger.

Duration events must specify both start and end properties. i.e. {start: 'renderBefore', end:'renderAfter'}

All end events are triggers, there is no way to change this at present.

All events capture the heap size at the time they are fired.

You may experience the odd issue with the timeline as it can be a bit buggy (even when viewing chrome's recorded logs)

You can discover the history inside the file

You can discover the contributing instructions inside the file

Licensed under the incredibly permissive MIT License
Copyright © 2013+ Stringz Solutions Ltd
Copyright © 2013+ Peter Flannery