Chrome timeline generator that records events from Docpad events

HeapDump Plugin for DocPad

Generates a chrome timeline log recording specified docpad events that can then be loaded in to the chrome dev timeline tool. Snapshot files are generated in the root of docpad by default

        # default output path relative to the docpad root path
        timelinePath: "timeline"
        # default events that this plugin records (each start event must have a sister end to outputa valid timeline log)
        events: [
            {start: 'generateBefore', end:'generateAfter'}
            {start: 'parseBefore', end:'parseAfter'}
            {start: 'populateCollectionsBefore', end:'populateCollections'}
            {start: 'contextualizeBefore', end:'contextualizeAfter'}
            {start: 'renderBefore', end:'renderAfter'}
            {start: 'renderCollectionBefore', end:'renderCollectionAfter'}
            {start: 'writeBefore', end:'writeAfter'}
            {start: 'serverBefore', end:'serverAfter'}

You can discover the history inside the file

You can discover the contributing instructions inside the file

Licensed under the incredibly permissive MIT License
Copyright © 2013+ Stringz Solutions Ltd
Copyright © 2013+ Peter Flannery