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Stylus Plugin for DocPad

Adds support for the Stylus CSS pre-processor to DocPad with the Axis CSS framework

Convention: .css.styl|stylus


npm install --save docpad-plugin-axis


Use Axis CSS

Axis is a terse, feature-rich css library built on top of stylus. By default Axis support is enabled, but it can be disabled by setting the useAxis option to false.

This allows you to include the entire library by using:

@import 'axis' 


By default we compress the output for all environments except the development environment. Set the compress option to either true or false to change this.


You can discover the history inside the file


The original Docpad Stylus plugin that this plugin is forked from is licensed under the incredibly permissive MIT License, and so this plugin is as well.
Copyright © 2012 Bevry Pty Ltd
Copyright © 2011 Benjamin Lupton