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Doc Meteor

This is a simple CLI for updating documentation. This tool is optimized code documentation for Meteor.js packages - It looks for package.js

Examples of docmeteor in use:

In the CollectionFS you have to go into each package and checkout or for examples (not all packages have docs yet)


$ npm install -g docmeteor


$ docmeteor

This creates two files:

  • - The exported api
  • - All code documentation

Inline comments

Inline comments are comments that only last one line.

// Inline comment with no indent is a `Markdown` comment 
  // Inline comment with indent is a normal inline comment 
  // and will not be considered as documentation. 

Markdown comments

A Markdown comment is an inline comment with no indent. Two or more markdown comments will be considered as documentation and will be added. Use it as literal "in code" markdown documentation style.

// #Headline markdown documentation
// _This_ is a *document* test

Block comments

Block comments can use annotations. docmeteor reads the package.js to find the exported scope.

/** This is just a simple method // This is inline comment
  * @method

Current annotations

var types = {
  // Basic descriptors 
  '@method': ['name', 'comment'],
  '@property': ['name', 'comment'],
  '@callback': ['name', 'comment'],
  '@where': ['where', 'comment'], // {client|server}, {client}, {server} 
  '@constructor': ['comment'], // Expect `new` 
  '@param': ['type', 'name', 'comment'], // Parametres 
  '@return': ['type', 'comment'],
  '@returns': ['type', 'comment'],
  '@reactive': ['comment'], // If a reactive method 
  '@deprecated': ['comment'], // Display a deprecation note 
  '@type': ['type', 'comment'],
  '@namespace': ['name', 'comment'],
  '@private': ['comment'], // Keep in 
  '@public': ['comment'], // Add it to 
  '@prototype': ['comment'], // Mark as prototype 
  '@todo': ['comment'] // Add tasks only visible in 
  '@ejsontype': ['name', 'comment'],
  '@remote': ['comment'], // Mark as Meteor.Methods 
  // Could deprecate: 
  '@this': ['name', 'comment'],
  '@self': ['name', 'comment'],
  // Could be better implemented or deprecated 
  '@see': ['comment'], // TODO: Not used 
  '@author': ['name'], // TODO: Not used 
  '@const': ['comment'], // TODO: Not used 
  '@override': ['comment'], // TODO: Not used 
  '@throws': ['type', 'comment'], // TODO: Not used 
  '@copyright': ['copyrightText'], // TODO: Not used 
  '@extends': ['type', 'comment'], // TODO: Not used 
  '@exception': ['type', 'comment'], // TODO: Not used 
  '@version': ['version', 'comment'], // TODO: Not used 

Not all are used it the current layout template, others migth deprecate - making this tool more lightweight

Contributions are welcome,

Kind regards Morten, aka @raix