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Docs generator for Postman REST Client. Docman parses Postman dump files and outputs documentation as set of Markdown files.

Docman — docs generator for Postman REST Client


  • Organize docs by collections
  • Parametrized URLs
  • Query parameters
  • Body (form/urlencolded/RAW/JSON-string payload) parameters
  • Example responses


Install Docman globally:

npm install -g docman


Docman takes two arguments:

  • dump: file path to Postman JSON dump file (in Postman Settings -> Data -> Export data)
  • dir: output directory where Docman should generate docs. If provided directory is not writable, Docman will try to generate docs to ./docs


docman <dump> <dir>


docman ./Backup.postman_dump /Users/me/myapp/api_docs

Developing Docman

Docman bundles Dockerfile for building working development environment. Assuming you have installed Docker, from Docman clonned directory type:

# build image (only once for each Dockerfile)
docker build -t <namespace>/ .

# run container (anytime to start dev)
docker run -it --rm -v `pwd`:/src <namespace>/

This will build and run development container, that will delete itself after exiting. Sources are mounted to /src. To install current code as global module (for testing puporse) use:

npm install -g .

Then command docman will run latest code version.


Copyright (c) 2015, Ilya Rusanen. (MIT License)

See LICENSE for more info.