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© 2017, Onur Yıldırım (@onury). MIT License.

A powerful tool to easily generate beautiful HTML documentation from Javascript (JSDoc), Markdown and HTML files.


  • Parse JSDoc documentation, Markdown and HTML files.
  • Build a cool SPA (Single Page Application) from parsed files.
  • Generate multiple/separate API documentations by grouping JS files.
  • Path or Query-string based app routing.
  • Non-opinionated engine, built-in template with cool opinions. 😎
  • Supports custom templates.
  • Works great with GitHub Pages.
  • Build via API or CLI.
  • Extremely configurable and debuggable.
  • Well documented. ☝️ this:

Docma Screenshot


npm i docma -g

Programmatic Usage

    var Docma = require('docma');
        .then(function (success) {
            console.log('Documentation is built successfully.');
        .catch(function (error) {

See Build configuration.

Command-Line Usage

    docma -c path/to/docma.config.json -d path/to/destination

See Docma CLI reference.


Read Docma documentation, built with Docma, for a Docma demo... ;)

Related Modules

  • grunt-docma — Grunt task for Docma.
  • jsdoc-x — Parser for outputting a Javascript object from documented code via JSDoc's explain (-X) command.
  • marked — A full-featured markdown parser and compiler, written in JavaScript. Built for speed.
  • dustjs — Asynchronous Javascript templating for the browser and server.