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Docker orchestration library (written in node) for testing docker images. Images can depend on other images, etc...


See /examples for the full list of fully functional (and tested) examples.

Lets say you have a node application which has a worker and uses both use amqp.


  "app": {
    "links": ["worker:worker", "amqp:amqp"],
    "image": "my-repo/my-app"
  "worker": {
    "links": ["amqp:amqp"],
    "image": "my-repo/worker"
  "amqp": {
    "image": "some-lib/amqp"

Then you could run a test on in the app like this:

docker-services exec app npm test

Known issue

  • docker must be on the host (meaning you must be on linux). This will be fixed soon.


  • Remove the need for docker to run on the host
  • Aggregate log output for exec (so we can see other services while running exec)
  • Formal support for up and down for deamonized services (you won't need to leave exec running)
  • Building of docker images


You need vagrant.

Running the tests

vagrant up
vagrant ssh
cd /vagrant
make test

Publishing a new version

The 'associate' is a docker image that also needs to be published for each version (right now this is tied to my docker account).