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Forward input/output from docker containers to your browser

npm install docker-browser-console

To quickly try out a demo clone this repo and

npm install
npm run demo

Browser usage

First browserify the following code to bundle.js to create a terminal in your browser

var docker = require('docker-browser-console')
var websocket = require('websocket-stream')
// create a stream for any docker image
// use docker({style:false}) to disable default styling
// all other options are forwarded to the term.js instance
var terminal = docker()
// connect to a docker-browser-console server
// append the terminal to a DOM element

You can add that to an index.html page by doing

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <script src="bundle.js">

Server usage

Then create a server that will host our docker containers

var ws = require('ws')
var websocket = require('websocket-stream')
var docker = require('docker-browser-console')
var server = new ws.Server({port:10000})
server.on('connection', function(socket) {
  socket = websocket(socket)
  // this will spawn the container and forward the output to the browser

Now simply run the server and open index.html in your browser. You should be able to see a terminal running my dev image