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Generate Markdown documentation

$ npm install -g doccy

Automatic generation of documentation READMEs.

(Still very much under development).

You can see a full example of generated documentation in the docs folder.

Given a test file:

 * @object thing
 * @description a module of things
var thing = {
     * @name foo
     * @description a cool function
     * @param x does something
     * @returns a number
    foo: function(x) {
        return 42;


$ doccy test.js -o docs

Will create docs/ that looks like so:

## `thing`
_a module of things_
### `foo`
_a cool function_
- `x`: does something
**Returns:** a number

If you'd like a full example, the Doccy documentation is generated from Doccy itself.

Rather than specify each file individually, the more common use of Doccy's small CLI tool is to pass in a glob:

$ doccy "src/*.js"

Will create a Markdown documentation file for each JS file within the src directory. By default doccy will put these into a docs folder, that it will create if needed, but you can specify the output directory with the -o flag:

$ doccy "src/*.js" -o documentation

Order is not important, and things within [] are optional.

  • @name function_name
  • @description function_description
  • @param name [{Type}] description
  • @returns description
  • @object name - denotes a "containing" object (see above example, which is much clearer)
  • allow options for changing Markdown formatting
  • add more keys
  • make a Grunt plugin
  • document programmatical usage

Thanks to the following people for their help :)

Please follow the existing style of code - recommend using EditorConfig to help you out with this.

To generate documentation, run npm run doccy.


  • added type support to @param


  • added CLI tool for globbing support


  • added object key for denoting a "containing" object


  • added description key


  • initial release