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See the docs rendered on the website

Docable is here to make documentation easy and enjoyable

  • open source
  • flexible
  • optimized for usability


IDE is built in

This is really the reason I built docable. I wanted a rich experience for creating documentation, and none of the existing systems quite lent themselves to what I wanted.

With the Integrated Documentation Environment, writing docs is not only palatable, but downright appealing.

TODO image here

Just markdown

Markdown is awesome. WhatYouWriteIsWhatYouWant. Or something.

Plus there are some bonuses for unlocking a bit more visual flexibility. Look at the Writing page for full details.

Plugin based

What can plugins do?

  • add page-level blocks
  • generate derivative pages
  • modify the nav items

Awesome defaults

The base theme uses material design coloring and beautiful, readable fonts.