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    Doc Releaser

    This simple utility was created to do help when technical documentation needs to be written in a very un-collaborative manner, such as via Word documents, and the best way to keep track of things is through a standardized file-naming convention.

    Example: for a file release on December 30th, 2015 at 6:07PM, the file name would be:


    Using programs like word is very tedious to keep hitting save-all and then trying to find your most recent "release." This utility creates a current folder and a previous folder. The current folder will only contain the file created from the last time this utility was run. Each time this utility runs, it will move the file in the current folder into the previous folder.

    Processing steps

    1. Ensure that a file name was specified in the command, exit process if not with a message
    2. Look for a configuration file or use defaults if one not provided*
    3. Find the current and previous folders or create if not existing
    4. Move any files in the current folder to the previous folder
    5. Copy the file specified in the command into the current folder with the proper file naming convention.
    • = This is still a bit buggy and is being worked on

    Outstanding Tasks

    • Proper handling for configuration file
    • Current file will be moved, but not created, if file with same name (including timestamp) already exists in previous folder
    • Add additional variables in the file naming
    • Provide ability to specify variables and replacement functions


    npm i doc-releaser

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