extracts documentation from functions for REPL and doc-compiling fun


Adds 'docstring' style comments to functions, accessible programmatically.

Firing up a REPL and finding documentation at your fingertips is an awesome experience in languages like python or clojure. Let's get some goodness into javascript

var doc = require('doc-fn')
var inc = doc(function(a){
    /// signature: number -> number 
    /// takes a number, and returns that number + 1 
    return a + 1
/* console output: 
    signature: number -> number
    takes a number, and returns that number + 1

mutates a function to add a doc property, which includes all comments starting with ///\nat the top of a function.

adds a getter to put the .doc property on all inhereting functions

doc.merge(Function.prototype) // adds .doc to all functions 

npm install doc-fn