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Dobi will be available for use in the near future. If you'd like to play around before then, contact us at

Dobi is an ultra-simple environment for building scalable, real-time web applications.

With Dobi you write apps...

  • in Coffee-Script (or javascript, but please don't)
  • with client-side rendering (only send data over the wire)
  • with real-time functionality by simply referencing variables
  • build schemas with simple json objects (no more complicated ORMs)
  • that scale to 100k+ users without hosting your own servers
  • on Linux, Mac, or Windows
  • in any editing environment you prefer

Documentation is available at

Quick Start


  • install node: (
  • install coffee-script: npm install -g coffee-script

Install Dobi:

npm install -g dobi

Setup a dobi workspace

cd ~ ; mkdir workspace ; cd workspace
dobi init


dobi login

Create a new app:

dobi create my-app@1.0.0

Create a website using your app:

dobi install my-app@1.0.0 site-slug

Deploy it to the world:

dobi deploy my-app

View your site, running your new app:

dobi open site-slug