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Do It

Alias commands across all languages and frameworks

Do you wish that a `stageit` command would stage your Rails app to Heroku and would *also* stage your Meteor app when you're in that folder?
$ cd ~/projects/my_rails_app
$ shipit
 … deploying to engineyard
$ cd ~/projects/my_meteor_app
$ shipit
 … uploading to ec2
# boom


If you don't have NodeJs installed, get that here

npm install doit


Create a project file

DoIt launches shell commands with key value pairs that are looked up from your projects .doit file. Just drop in a .doit file, add the commands in YAML format, and don't repeat yourself again!

touch .doit
watchit: 'compass watch ./client/scss'
testit:  'mocha --compilers coffee:coffee-script -R spec ./test/'
stageit: 'meteor deploy'
shipit:  'testit && git checkout master && jitsu deploy'

Do It

From your project root, run doit and pass in a key from your .doit file.

$ doit watchit
>>> Compass is watching for changes. Press Ctrl-C to Stop.

Shorten it up with your favorite shell alias (optional)

The first example was using an alias to shorten up doit shipit. Let's add one in below. Open your .zshrc or .bashrc and add in as many aliases as you'd like.

alias shipit='doit shipit'
alias deployit='doit deployit'
alias yourfavname='doit keyname'