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DO Functions

A wrapper and CLI to help you develop and deploy serverless functions on Digital Ocean.

What's included

Build CLI

Bundle your function source code BEFORE deploying to make deploys much faster and less error-prone.

Uses esbuild to bundle all your source code into a single JavaScript file for each function, with dependencies inline.

See getting-started#packages-structure for how to structure your functions., and then run npm exec do-functions in your project root to build!

Then you can quickly deploy with doctl serverless deploy.

Function logic wrapper

Focus writing your actual function logic and leave the boilerplate to this libary.

Simply write functions like this:

import {wrapFunction} from 'do-functions'

async function logic(args) {
  return 'Hello from TypeScript'

export const main = wrapFunction(logic)

Will return an object like this (when main is called by invocation):

  "body": "\"Hello from TypeScript\"",
  "headers": {
    "content-type": "application/json"
  "statusCode": 200
or use built-in JSON Schema validation

Because the schema specifies that "name" is required, any request that doesn't contain it will be rejected before the logic function is called, and a status 400 Bad request will be sent.

// note: import from do-functions/schema to use validation
import {wrapFunctionWithSchema} from 'do-functions/schema'
import type {InputSchema} from 'do-functions/schema'

const inputSchema: InputSchema = {
  type: 'object',
  properties: {
    name: {type: 'string'}
  required: ['name']

async function logic(args: { name: string }) {
  console.log('Request with name:', // log request
  return `Hello ${}`

export const main = wrapFunctionWithSchema(logic, inputSchema)

Sign up to Digital Ocean and get $100 free

If you do not already have a Digital Ocean account, and you would like to use Functions, please consider using my referral link to sign up by clicking the badge below:

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How it works: if you use this link, you will get $100 of credit on Digital Ocean to spend in your first 60 days. If you spend more than $25, I will get $25 of credit as well.

Note: this project is not in any way affiliated with/supported by Digital Ocean. I'm just a regular Digital Ocean user who started using Functions and realised there must be a better way, so I created this to help, and made it available to others.

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