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Consolide your "DMARC" reports!

The Problem

The DMARC reports are received on email attachments in XML format (compressed). I don't know a default viewer and we receive one file by day by external domain. I needed join the data and build a visual report.

The Solution

I decided build a script that:

  • Access the dmarc mail account
  • Reads the messages
  • Extracts the attachments and
  • consolidate the data to show some graphs in a webserver.


Install Dependencies

npm i --only=production


Copy or rename .env-example to .env and set the values to your environment.

Use a exclusive account to this or choose a folder in your account, move the reports to it and set it to IMAP_FOLDER.

Running as standalone app

npm start

Using as a middleware


const express = require('express')
const dmarc = require('dmarc-report')

const app = express()
app.use('/dmarc', dmarc)

Certify yourself that expose environment variables or use dotenv module to load it.

.env example: