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Developer Email -- An SMTP and webserver for capturing and displaying emails during development

Inspired by MailCatcher, and fueled by some weekend-warrior-coding.



After fetching the git repo, jump in and...

npm install
node dmail.js -q5 -s2500 -h2501`

That's it. You'll have the daemon up and running in the foreground. You can point your SMTP senders at port 2500 and your browser at 2501 and watch emails as they come in.


  • MailCatcher is way more fully featured. You probably want that unless you're interested in this from a learning perspective.
  • Attachments "work" in the sense that they come across the wire into the HTML page, but, uh, they don't render or anything. So there's that.
  • This is WILDLY insecure. XSS from HTML emails galore, no auth around it, etc, etc. It's really, truly only something you'd have on a dev machine. Maybe even that's pushing it ;)