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    Dashless Arguments

    I didn't like escaping arguments in a command so I made this parser

    This feature can be disabled


    import { getParams } from 'dl-arguments'
    let options = {
        caseSensitive: true // By default it is case-insensitive
    const params = getParams([
            name: 'par',
            type: 'number',
            switchValue: 1
            groupName: 'foo',
            parameters: [
                    name: 'bar',
                    type: ['boolean', 'string']
    ], options);
    • par false
      params == {
          par: 1,
          for: {
              bar: false
    • 2 foo-bar=lol
      params == {
          par: 2,
          foo: {
              bar: 'lol'

    Warning unless options.disableDashedMode = true it does support dashes and will disable dashless mode if any argument starts with a dash

    • --par 3 foo-bar=lol
      params == {
          par: 3,
          foo: {
              bar: 'foo-bar=lol'        }


    By default it uses process.argv

    Optionally it can use options.source

    Param Definition

    A param definition can be as simple as a string upon which it will be replaced with { name: <value>, type: 'string' }

    • name
      • The name of argument
      • Required
    • alias
      • Different name or names for the argument
      • accepts string or a string array
    • shortName
      • in dashless mode, same as alias
      • in dashed mode, can be used with a single dash
      • Ex: if two switch parameters have a shortName a and b, they can be both set with -ab
    • propertyName
      • If set, this will be used as the output object property name instead of name
    • switchValue
      • Value to be set if none is passed to the parameter
      • Required if type is not set
    • type
      • Type conversion for the parameter
      • Valid are string, number, boolean, an array of the previous, or a function that takes a string and outputs a value
      • If given an array, string will be taken last
      • Required if switchValue is not set
    • replace
      • After the value has been converted, it is passed through this function to change it further
      • This can be useful when needing to load a file referenced by the argument
    • validateRaw
      • Before a value is converted it can be checked if it is valid
      • Accepts RegExp or a function that takes a string
      • The value will be valid if it passes the RegExp or the function returns undefined or true
      • A passed function can return a string as the reason for the value being invalid
    • validate
      • Runs after replace
      • Accepts a function that takes a value
      • The value will be valid if it the function returns undefined or true
      • A passed function can return a string as the reason for the value being invalid
    • softValidate
      • If true, validate and validateRaw will console.warn instead of throw
    • group
      • To which object should this argument be assigned
      • Accepts string or an Array of string
    • multiple
      • Enables multiple values to be set to an argument
      • If set the result will be an array
      • Ex: if name: 'par' it can be used is par=1 par=2 par=3
    • catchAll
      • Consumes extra values
      • if true sets multiple: true
    • default
      • Value that is set if not set via an argument
    • defaultCreateGroup
      • Allows defaults to create groups

    Param Group Definition

    • groupName
      • The name of the group
    • propertyName
      • Property name of the group in the returned object
    • parameters
      • Argument definitions
      • All arguments will have their name prefixed with the group name
    • finalize
      • function that runs after all arguments have been read if the group has been set
      • The returned value will be set replace the value of the group


    • source

      • Will be used instead of process.argv
    • defaultSource

      • Will be used if the current source has zero values
    • caseSensitive

      • Will make argument names and boolean conversion case sensitive
    • disableDashlessMode

      • Requires dashes when specifying a argument
    • disableDashedMode

      • Stop parsing dashes
    • extraParams

      • Add undefined params to ._extra parameter
      • Setting string to this will overwrite the parameter name
      • The type of the _extra property will be an array of key val objects
    • disableHelp

      • The argument help will be treated like any other argument
    • continueAfterHelp

      • Don't call process.exit(0) after printing help info
      • Parameter help: true will be added to the returned object if help was called
    • commandName

      • Changes the name of command name in usage section of help

    Disabling help

    1. Setting options.disableHelp: true
    2. Setting help to any name or alias in argument config


    npm i dl-args

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