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📚 About package:

Simple yet powerful and extensible module to create fully-customizable embed pages with buttons.

▶️ Works with Discord.JS. Supports v14. Legacy versions support v13 and v14.

▶️ This packages supports creation of custom buttons with your own scripts through a simple API.

▶️ If you want some pre-built buttons consider using @djs-button-pages/presets. They contain basic ones. But you can contribute some of your own to this package if you want and they may be used in other projects.

📥 Installation:

Requires Node 16.9 (because of Discord.JS).

npm install djs-button-pages
yarn add djs-button-pages
pnpm install djs-button-pages

There are several other branches:

  • djs14-legacy
  • djs13
  • djs13-legacy

📃 Examples:

Basic example:

const { Client, EmbedBuilder, ButtonStyle } = require("discord.js");
const { PaginationWrapper } = require("djs-button-pages");
//Pre-made buttons.
const { NextPageButton, PreviousPageButton } = require('@djs-button-pages/presets');

//Array of embeds for pagination.
const embeds =
    new EmbedBuilder().setColor("Aqua").setTitle("Test!").setDescription("Whoosh! Your first page!"),
    new EmbedBuilder().setColor("Blurple").setTitle("Test!").setDescription("Wow! It's a second one!"),
    new EmbedBuilder().setColor("DarkAqua").setTitle("Test!").setDescription("Unbelivable! Third page is available to be bought for 20$!"),
    new EmbedBuilder().setColor("DarkGold").setTitle("Test!").setDescription("Not possible! This is my fourth page!"),
    new EmbedBuilder().setColor("Gold").setTitle("Test!").setDescription("Not probable! Special fifth page!"),
    new EmbedBuilder().setColor("DarkButNotBlack").setTitle("Test!").setDescription("Wow! Another page..."),
    new EmbedBuilder().setColor("White").setTitle("Test!").setDescription("Don't tell me that it is page number seven!"),
    new EmbedBuilder().setColor("Red").setTitle("Oh, wow!").setDescription("Looks like it is the last page("),

//Array of buttons for pagination.
const buttons =
    new PreviousPageButton({custom_id: "prev_page", emoji: "◀", style: ButtonStyle.Secondary}),
    new NextPageButton({custom_id: "next_page", emoji: "▶", style: ButtonStyle.Secondary}),

//No intents needed.
const client = new Client({intents: []});

client.once("ready", async () => {

    //Fetch guild that is needed.
    const guild = await client.guilds.fetch("yourGuildId");

    //Add command.
    guild.commands.create({name: "pages", description: "Testing DJS-Button-Pages!"});

//Catch command.
client.on("interactionCreate", async (interaction) => {
    if (interaction.isCommand() && interaction.commandName === "pages")
        //Setup pagination.
        const pagination = new PaginationWrapper()

        //Send it as a reply to interaction.
        await pagination.interactionReply(interaction);


More complicated examples with commentary can be found at GitHub page.


🐛 Bug Reporting:

For bug reporting look for GitHub Issues.

Or you can DM me in Discord: moony#6815.

© License:

Copyright © 2022 Danila Kononov (nickname: moony). All rights reserved.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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