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When you use Dizzy to perform dependency injection you could also want the things to use promises. For instance, using fs.readFile() can get you into a mess with callbacks. By leveraging Bluebird, you can make all node-style callback functions return promises. That call to fs.readFile() turns into fs.readFileAsync() and you've started a promise chain.

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First, you will likely want to get Dizzy up and running.

var container, Dizzy;

Dizzy = require('dizzy');

Next, call the plugin and pass in your reference to Dizzy.


Make your container.

container = new Dizzy();

Finally, register some modules to be promisified.

// One module
container.register("fsAsync", "fs").fromModule().promisified().cached();

// Multiple modules
    cryptoAsync: "crypto",
    globAsync: "glob",
    zlibAsync: "zlib"


Use npm to install this package easily.

$ npm install --save dizzy-promisify-bluebird

Alternately you may edit your package.json and add this to your dependencies object:

    "dependencies": {
        "dizzy-promisify-bluebird": "*"


This software is licensed under a MIT license that contains an additional non-advertising clause. Read full license terms