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    Disqus API bindings and CLI for NodeJS. disqus-node documentation.

    Copyright © 2014 Jason Dobry



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    Disqus v3.0 API Documentation

    #### API Client Library __[API Client Library Documentation](
    var Disqus = require('disqus-node');
    var disqus = new Disqus({
      // required
      api_secret: 'abcdefgh',
      // required when authentication is required
      access_token: '12345678',
      // defaults shown
      logLevel: 'info',
      https: true
    // promise-style
      forum: 'pseudobry',
      limit: 3
    }).then(function (response) {
      response; // {
                     "cursor": {...},
                     "code": 0,
                     "response": [
    // node-style
      forum: 'pseudobry',
      limit: 3
    }, function (err, response) {
      response; // {
                     "cursor": {...},
                     "code": 0,
                     "response": [

    #### Command-line Interface __[CLI Documentation](
    $ npm install -g disqus-node

    CLI available as disqus. disqus has a number of available resources:

    $ disqus -h
    Usage: disqus <cmd> <subCmd> [options]
    applications <cmd> [options] Execute command for the Applications resource.
    blacklists <cmd> [options] Execute command for the Blacklists resource.
    categories <cmd> [options] Execute command for the Categories resource.
    exports <cmd> [options] Execute command for the Exports resource.
    forums <cmd> [options] Execute command for the Forums resource.
    imports <cmd> [options] Execute command for the Imports resource.
    posts <cmd> [options] Execute command for the Posts resource.
    topics <cmd> [options] Execute command for the Topics resource.
    trends <cmd> [options] Execute command for the Trends resource.
    whitelists <cmd> [options] Execute command for the Whitelists resource.
    -h, --help     output usage information
    -V, --version  output the version number

    Each resource has available commands:

    $ disqus forums -h
    Usage: disqus forums <cmd> [options]
    addModerator [options]  Adds a moderator to a forum.
    create [options]       Creates a new forum.
    details [options]      Returns forum details.
    follow [options]       Follow a forum.
    installed [options]    Returns true if forum has one or more views.
    listCategories [options]  Returns a list of categories within a forum.
    listFollowers [options]   Returns a list of users following a forum.
    listModerators [options]  Returns a list of all moderators on a forum.
    listMostActiveUsers [options]  Returns a list of users active within a forum ordered by most comments made.
    listMostLikedUsers [options]   Returns a list of users active within a forum ordered by most likes received.
    listPosts [options]     Returns a list of posts within a forum.
    listThreads [options]   Returns a list of threads within a forum sorted by the date created.
    listUsers [options]     Returns a list of users active within a forum.
    removeModerator [options]      Removes a moderator from a forum.
    unfollow [options]      Unfollow a forum.
    -h, --help  output usage information

    $ disqus forums listPosts -h
    Usage: listPosts [options]
    -h, --help                 output usage information
    -c, --cursor [cursor]      Defaults to null,
    -f, --forum <string>       Looks up a forum by ID (aka short name).
    -H, --https [boolean]      Whether to use https. Defaults to true.
    -i, --include [array]      Defaults to ["approved"]. Choices: unapproved, approved, spam, deleted, flagged, highlighted.
    -l, --limit [number]       Maximum number of posts to return. Maximum value of 100. Defaults to 25.
    -L, --logLevel [string]    Output log level. Choices: debug, info, notice, warning, error, critical, alert, emergency.
    -o, --order [string]       Choices: asc, desc. Defaults to "desc".
    -q, --query [string]       Defaults to null.
    -r, --related [array]      You may specify relations to include with your response. Choices: thread.
    -s, --since [string]       Unix timestamp (or ISO datetime standard).
    -S, --api_secret <string>  Your application's api_secret.

    $ disqus forums listPosts -f pseudobry -S '1234abcd' -l 3
      "cursor": {...},
      "code": 0,
      "response": [

    ## Functional - Applications - Blacklists - Categories - Exports - Forums - Imports - Posts - Topics - Trends - Whitelists
    ## Not Yet Implemented - Threads - Users
    ## License [Apache License Version 2.0](


    npm i disqus-node

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