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This module implements platform specific bindings to obtain disk usage information on Windows and POSIX platforms. Windows support is backed by GetDiskFreeSpaceEx and POSIX is implemented with statvfs.


Install with npm:

$ npm install diskusage


The module exposes two functions. check takes a path/mount point as the first argument and a callback as the second. The callback takes two arguments err and info. err will be an Error if something went wrong. info contains three members: available, free and total in bytes.

  • available: Disk space available to the current user (i.e. Linux reserves 5% for root)
  • free: Disk space physically free
  • total: Total disk space (free + used)

checkSync only takes the path argument. It returns the same info on success, throws an Error on failure.


const disk = require('diskusage');
const os = require('os');
let path = os.platform() === 'win32' ? 'c:' : '/';
disk.check(path, function(err, info) {
    if (err) {
    } else {
try {
    let info = disk.checkSync(path);
catch (err) {


The module has an embedded .d.ts file. You can use import * as diskusage from 'diskusage'.

type DiskUsage = {
    available: number;
    free: number;
    total: number;

export function check(path: string, callback: (error: Error, result: DiskUsage) => void): void;
export function checkSync(path: string): DiskUsage;