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    Better version of discordjs-ytdl. No API Key needed, more suitable results. Shortly, Discord Youtube Searcher.

    Purpose Of This Module

    This is better version of discordjs-ytdl NPM module. I take so many pull request about this so I want to make new updated module for making better youtube search module.

    Difference between Discordjs-Ytdl and Discordjs-Ytdl-Advanced

    Differences Discordjs-Ytdl Discordjs-Ytdl-Advanced
    API KEY Need API KEY at Google Developers No API KEY needed.
    USAGE Needed async await in each function Needed async await only first function
    Problems Common thing Problems are rarer.
    Time To Start Waits 3-4 seconds before sounding and 5-6 seconds before infos. Almost do every operations in 2-3 seconds.
    Language Support JavaScript&TypeScript(Less) JavaScript&TypeScript(Fully)
    License MIT MIT

    Rhino Inc. is a small company that was created by Arda Karagöz. Rhino Inc. contains Coding programs, Code Projects, Discord Bots etc. Rhino Inc. has small enviroment to know but its knowledge by others will be increase in next months.

    Arda Karagöz is a 15 year old Half Developer. I am from Turkey and I want to be a software engineer. I know a lot about JavaScript and Python and also I know C#, C++, Java, HTML and CSS. I am the founder of Rhino Inc. I created lots of projects but the bests are: Rhino Bot(About 800K Users 900 Guilds - The Most Useful Turkish Bot), rhino-api(This Module. Helps you in math problems and daily fun codes), MasterG Bot(A Great Private Discord Bot For Our Server), Mental Power Discord Bot Tutorial(It will go more than +40 Eps), Github Markdown Repo(Will be published in few weeks.) and more...

    Tutorial video = It's Turkish But You Can Watch


    Create Variable

    For Creating Variable You Can Do This

    const player = require('discordjs-ytdl-advanced')

    A Simple Discord Bot

    If You DON'T Know How to Make a Bot Click This

    For Example You Can Make A Music Command Like This:

    const Discord = require('discord.js') // discord.js modülü tanımlıyoruz.
    const client = new Discord.Client() // client tanımalamsı
    client.on('message', async message => {
        // Voice only works in guilds, if the message does not come from a guild,
        // we ignore it
    try {
        if (!message.guild) return;
        if (message.content.startsWith('/play')) {
            // Only try to join the sender's voice channel if they are in one themselves
            if (message.member.voice.channel) {
                const connection = await message.member.voice.channel.join();
                const args = message.content.split(' ').slice(1)
                const ytdl = require('ytdl-core')
                connection.play(ytdl(args.join(" ")))
            } else {
                message.reply('You need to join a voice channel first!');
    } catch(e){

    But You Can Only Enter URL

    Playing Music

    Simply, methods work like this:

    const SONG = await player("Search_Parameter")
    SONG.play(connection) //PLAYS SONG
    message.channel.send(SONG.title) //Outputs Song Title
    console.log(SONG.data) //Writes all Infos

    Getting Infos

    There are several object data infos. Let's see them.

      title: String, //Title Of Video
      id: String, //Video ID
      url: String, //Video URL
      description: String, //Video Description
      thumbnail: String, //Video Thumbnail
      data: Object, //All These Datas in JSON
      seconds: Number, //Video's Length in seconds
      time: String; //Video Time in minute seconds
      date: String; //Video date to now
      channel: String; //Channel name
      channelURL: String; //Channel URL

    How can we use them? Well, it is easy.

    const SONG = await player("Mental Power Discord")
    console.log(SONG.title) //Discord Bot Dersleri #1 | Bot oluşturma, Mesaj gönderme
    console.log(SONG.channel) //Mental Power

    ...and more

    Playlist Infos

    There is no way to play all songs with only discordjs-ytdl-advanced, but you can get all statics in a playlist. You can take all videos in playlist as an array or take default infos of playlist, whatever you want!

    const PLAYLIST = await player.playlist("Discord Bot Dersleri")
    console.log(PLAYLIST.title) //Discord Bot Dersleri
    console.log(PLAYLIST.listId) //ID

    You can also get songs in playlist

    const PLAYLIST = await player.playlistsongs("Discord Bot Dersleri")
    console.log(PLAYLIST[0].title) //Discord Bot Dersleri #1
    console.log(PLAYLIST[0].url) //URL


    StreamDispatcher is the voice actions after start to play either connection song or mp3 files. And you can easily work same StreamDispatcher as you had been doing before.

    const SONG = await player("Discord Bot Dersleri #1")
    const song = await SONG.play(connection)
    //Now You Can Do Same Methods As StreamDispatcher
    song.on('finish', () => {

    Do You Know You Can Also Play Spotify Songs!?

    I know, it's so crazy! But you can also play spotify songs by url. Let's do some examples.

    const SONG = await player("https://open.spotify.com/track/0nJW01T7XtvILxQgC5J7Wh?si=194ecd3955b14d74")
    const song = await SONG.play(connection)



    Thanks for reviewing my first really big project. I hope it will be useful.

    CONTACT: Mail


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