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    A Great NPM Module For Youtube Video DOwnloader with only keywords!!!

    Purpose of Module

    This module is a way to use ytdl-core but with this module you can search videos without inputting any url only with the keyword whatever you want! This module is for Discord Bots.

    2.2.0 Update

    - embed() function added.
    - With this you don't have to install ffmpeg-static or opusscript extra from coding.
    - If your API Key is invalid it will throw more understandable error.
    - Make code prettier.
    - Now play() function also return as a dispatcher.

    2.0.0 Update

    - thumbnail() function added.
    - Updated version of ytdl-core

    Rhino Inc. is a small company that was created by Arda Karagöz. Rhino Inc. contains Coding programs, Code Projects, Discord Bots etc. Rhino Inc. has small enviroment to know but its knowledge by others will be increase in next months.

    Arda Karagöz is a 15 year old Half Developer. I am from Turkey and I want to be a software engineer. I know a lot about JavaScript and Python and also I know C#, C++, Java, HTML and CSS. I am the founder of Rhino Inc. I created lots of projects but the bests are: Rhino Bot(About 800K Users 900 Guilds - The Most Useful Turkish Bot), rhino-api(This Module. Helps you in math problems and daily fun codes), MasterG Bot(A Great Private Discord Bot For Our Server), Mental Power Discord Bot Tutorial(It will go more than +40 Eps), Github Markdown Repo(Will be published in few weeks.) and more...

    What is This?

    This is a module to make youtube downloader to mp3 files that can play on Discord Bots. This is a module for only bots but in future it will change. It's 3rd official module for Rhino Inc.


    IF You Want To Learn About This Module's Tutorial Go To This Channel And watch "Discord Bot Dersleri #22"

    Create Variable

    For Creating Variable You Can Do This

    const play = require('discordjs-ytdl')

    A Simple Discord Bot

    If You DON'T Know How to Make a Bot Click This

    For Example You Can Make A Music Command Like This:

    const Discord = require('discord.js') // discord.js modülü tanımlıyoruz.
    const client = new Discord.Client() // client tanımalamsı
    client.on('message', async message => {
        // Voice only works in guilds, if the message does not come from a guild,
        // we ignore it
    try {
        if (!message.guild) return;
        if (message.content.startsWith('/play')) {
            // Only try to join the sender's voice channel if they are in one themselves
            if ( {
                const connection = await;
                const args = message.content.split(' ').slice(1)
                const ytdl = require('ytdl-core')
      " ")))
            } else {
                message.reply('You need to join a voice channel first!');
    } catch(e){

    But You Can Only Enter URL

    Playing Music

    So first please get an Youtube API Key on

    So code is like this :)

    const connection = await;
                const args = message.content.split(' ').slice(1)
                const play = require('discordjs-ytdl')
               await, args.join(" "), 'API KEY')

    Getting Infos

    You can get info about a video like this.

    let title = await play.title(args.join(" "), 'API KEY')'VIDEO NAME: ' + title)


    • .play(connection, keyword, api)
    • .title(keyword, api)
    • .channel(keyword, api)
    • .id(keyword, api)
    • .thumbnail(videoID)



    You can get thumbnails of videos!

    let play = require('discordjs-ytdl')



    You can get URL for Embed style of videos!

    let play = require('discordjs-ytdl')


    You Can Write Me For Wantings And Complains By - via E-Mail Rhino#5582 - via Discord Issues On Github


    Thanks for using my module in your PC. Have a nice day!



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