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    Easily add support for voting and display your bot's stats on with just a few lines of code. This package provides support out of the box for discord.js and eris bots, but can easily be adapted to work with any library of your choosing.

    Installation and Requirements

    This package requires Node 16 or newer. If you're using discord.js v14, you should already meet this requirement. Install discordbotlist using:

    npm i --save discordbotlist

    Creating an API token

    To post stats and fetch recent votes using this package, you'll need a discordbotlist API token. This is not your Discord bot token. Do not use your Discord bot token as an API token or webhook secret. To create an API token for your bot:

    Setting up a Webhook Secret

    To use webhooks, you will first need to create a Webhook Secret. This is not your Discord bot token. Do not use your Discord bot token as an API token or webhook secret. To configure your bot's Webhook Secret:

    • Visit its page on
    • Click the "Edit" button
    • Enter a value in the Webhook Secret input and click "Edit"

    Creating a Client

    For most, the easiest way to use this package will be by creating a client using the wrapper function for your library.

    Creating a Client (discord.js)

    import { createDjsClient } from "discordbotlist";
    import { Client, GatewayIntentBits } from "discord.js";
    const client = new Client({ intents: [GatewayIntentBits.Guilds] });
    client.on("ready", () => {
        const dbl = createDjsClient(DBL_API_TOKEN, client);

    Creating a Client (eris)

    import { createErisClient } from "discordbotlist";
    import { Client } from "eris";
    const client = new Client(TOKEN, { intents: ["guilds"] });
    client.on("ready", () => {
        const dbl = createErisClient(DBL_API_TOKEN, client);

    Posting Bot Stats

    After creating a client, you can start automatically posting your bot's stats to discordbotlist:

    dbl.startPosting(/* optional interval, defaults to every hour */);

    Setting up Voting

    This package can be used to implement voting by either exposing a webhook endpoint discordbotlist will call, or periodically checking for recent votes. The former is recommended in most cases and should be preferred if it can be used for your bot.

    Using Webhooks

    This package provides express middleware that can be used to easily set up vote rewards using webhooks.

    Using Webhooks (with a Client)

    After creating a dbl client, it can be used to set up vote rewards with an event-based interface:

    import express from "express";
    const app = express();
    app.use(express.json());"/dbl", dbl.webhook(DBL_WEBHOOK_SECRET));
    dbl.on("vote", vote => {
        console.log(`${vote.username}#${vote.discriminator} voted!`);

    Using Webhooks (no Client)

    If you don't want to use a client, you can use the upvoteListener function instead:

    import { upvoteListener } from "discordbotlist";
    import express from "express";
    const app = express();
        upvoteListener(DBL_WEBHOOK_SECRET, vote => {
            console.log(`${vote.username}#${vote.discriminator} voted!`);

    Using Polling

    If you're running in an environment where webhooks aren't suitable, you can also support voting by using polling. To use polling, call Client#startPolling, then listen for the vote event just like webhooks:

    dbl.startPolling(/* optional interval, defaults to every five minutes */);
    dbl.on("vote", vote => {
        console.log(`${vote.username}#${vote.discriminator} voted!`);

    Discord Bot List API

    This package also provides a strongly typed interface for interacting with DBL's REST API if desired. All types and functionality for this API wrapper is accessible from discordbotlist/api. For example, to manually post a bot's stats without a Client instance:

    import { postBotStats } from "discordbotlist";
        guilds: 100,
        users: 1000,


    npm i discordbotlist

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