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    NPM info

    Discord MusicBot Addon

    This module is a simple Node.js based music extension/bot for Discord.js projects using YouTube. This was originally an update of an older addon for newer versions of Discord.js but not serves as it's own module.

    The commands available are: (default names)

    • musichelp [command]: Displays help text for commands by this addon, or help for a specific command.
    • play <url>|<search string>: Play audio from YouTube.
    • search <search string>: Search's for up to 10 videos from YT.
    • skip [number]: Skip a song or multi songs with skip [some number].
    • queue [position]: Display the current queue.
    • pause: Pause music playback.
    • resume: Resume music playback.
    • remove [position]: Remove a song from the queue by position.
    • volume: Adjust the playback volume between 1 and 200.
    • leave: Clears the song queue and leaves the channel.
    • clearqueue: Clears the song queue.
    • np: Show the current playing song.


    • If anyoneCanSkip is true, anyone can skip songs in the queue.
    • If anyoneCanAdjust is true, anyone can adjust the volume.
    • If ownerOverMember is true, the set ID of the user (ownerID) will over-ride permissions from the bot.



    1. npm install discord.js
      It is recommended to have the stable branch.

    2. ffmpeg installed correctly for your OS/env.
      Allows the bot to join voice as well as speak.

    3. npm install node-opus or npm install opusscript
      Required for voice. Discord.js prefers node-opus.


    • npm install discord.js-musicbot-addon
      If you have troubles installing, see this link or join the discord server. Note that the NPM version will be slightly behind the GitHub version.


    See this page on the repo for examples.

    Options & Config.

    Most options are optional and thus not needed.
    The options you can pass in music.start(client, {options}) and their types is as followed:

    Basic Options.

    Option Type Description Default
    youtubeKey String A YouTube Data API3 key. Required to run. NaN
    botPrefix String The prefix of the bot. Defaults to "!". Can also be a Map of prefix's. !
    messageNewSong Boolean Whether or not to send a message when a new song starts playing. true
    bigPicture Boolean Whether to use a large (true) image or small (false) for embeds. false
    maxQueueSize Number Max queue size allowed. Defaults 100. Set to 0 for unlimited. 50
    defVolume Number The default volume of music. 1 - 200. 50
    anyoneCanSkip Boolean Whether or not anyone can skip. false
    messageHelp Boolean Whether to message the user on help command usage. If it can't, it will send it in the channel like normal. false
    botAdmins Object/Array An array of Discord user ID's to be admins as the bot. They will ignore permissions for the bot. [ ]
    anyoneCanAdjust Boolean Whether anyone can adjust volume. false
    ownerOverMember Boolean Whether the owner over-rides CanAdjust and CanSkip. false
    anyoneCanLeave Boolean Whether anyone can make the bot leave the currently connected channel. false
    ownerID String The ID of the Discord user to be seen as the owner. Required if using ownerOverMember. NaN
    logging Boolean Some extra none needed logging (such as caught errors that didn't crash the bot, etc). true
    requesterName Boolean Whether or not to display the username of the song requester. true
    inlineEmbeds Boolean Whether or not to make embed fields inline (help command and some fields are excluded). false
    musicPresence Boolean Whether or not to make the bot set its presence to currently playing music. false
    clearPresence Boolean Whether or not to clear the presence instead of setting it to "nothing" false
    insertMusic Boolean Whether or not to insert the music bot data into <Client>.music on start. false
    channelWhitelist Object/Array Sets a list of ID's allow when running messages. [ ]
    channelBlacklist Object/Array Sets a list of ID's ignore when running messages. [ ]
    bitRate String Sets the preferred bitRate for the Discord.js stream to use. "120000"
    nextPresence PresenceData PresenceData to set after instead of clearing it (clearPresence). null

    Multi-Prefix Option Example

    <Music>.start(<Client>, {
      youtubeKey: "Data Key",
      botPrefix: <MapObject>
    // Exmaple Map Structure
    {serverID: { prefix: "!" } }

    See examples for more info.


    Option Type Description Default
    cooldown Object The main cooldown object
    cooldown.enabled Boolean Whether or not cooldowns are enabled. true
    cooldown.timer Number Time in MS that cooldowns last. 10000
    cooldown.exclude Object/Array Array of command names to exclude. Uses default names, not set names ["volume","queue","pause","resume","np"]

    Command Options.

    Commands pass a bit different. Each command follows the same format as below. Valid entries are play, remove, help, np, queue, volume, pause, resume, skip, clearqueue, loop, leave, shuffle, deletequeue.

    music.start(client, {
      <command>: {
        enabled: false,                    // True/False statement.
        alt: ["name1","name2","name3"],    // Array of alt names (aliases).
        help: "Help text.",                // String of help text.
        name: "play"                       // Name of the command.
        usage: "{{prefix}}play bad memes", // Usage text. {{prefix}} will insert the bots prefix.
        exclude: false                     // Excludes the command from the help command.


    npm i discord.js-musicbot

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