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    A Lavalink music bot module based on DarkoPendragon's discord.js-musicbot-addon module. npm package

    Please join my Discord server here for assistance with the module: XeriApps Support Discord Server


    • A Lavalink node.
    • Java 13 (if you don't have one)
    • Node.js 12
    • A brain...


    Install Lavalink. An example application.yml is provided in the "Lavalink" folder.

    If you install the actual module, Lavalink should be provided.

    To install the module, run npm i -s discord.js-lavalink-musicbot


    If you use Glitch, make sure you set the port to 3000 for both the application.yml and the configuration in the "lavalink" area, because Glitch only works on that port.
    Make sure you use a completely separate Glitch project for Lavalink.
    Also please remember to limit the memory usage. That's all I'm telling you :)

    Setup example

    const Discord = require('discord.js');
    const bot = new Discord.Client();
    bot.music = new (require('discord.js-lavalink-musicbot'))(bot, {
    	lavalink: {
    		"restnode": {
    			"host": "localhost",
    			"port": 8643,
    		"nodes": [
    			{ "host": "localhost", "port": 8643, "region": "asia", "password": "youshallnotpass" }
    	admins: ["455346525716086795"]
    bot.login('bot token here');


    Option Type Required? Description Default
    prefix String no Shows what you want your bot to respond to. !
    helpCmd String no What should the help command be. mhelp
    playCmd String no What should the play command be. play
    pauseCmd String no What should the pause command be. pause
    stopCmd String no What should the stop command be. stop
    queueCmd String no What should the queue command be. queue
    npCmd String no What should the Now Playing command be. np
    skipCmd String no What should the skip command be. skip
    volumeCmd String no What should the volume command be. volume
    resumeCmd String no What should the resume command be. resume
    loopCmd String no What should the loop command be. loop
    admins String[] no Who are the admins? []
    customGame PresenceData no Set the custom game! { name: '', type: 'PLAYING' }
    lavalink LavalinkOptions yes, if you changed the default Lavalink settings Lavalink settings! (Check in the example)

    Changelog (only for v0.0.7 and later)


    • Added typings file.
    • Migrated from discord.js-lavalink to Lavacord
    • Added .gitignore and .npmignore
    • Modified the README
    • Cleared a lot of the commented code because that used a lot of space


    • Fixed queue being undefined in execQueue (wow I never noticed that, thanks Discord server!)
    • Added loop and seek command.
    • Updated all dependencies.
    • Reconfigure for better connecting if host doesn't give port. (example: localhost:8538 -> by adding an address config. You're welcome.
    • Updated literally everything to run better. Hopefully.


    • Switched from snekfetch to axios
    • Reconfigured the module to no longer require a token to use.
    • Added discord.js v12 support (presumably)


    • Added volume command
    • Fixed skip command (Probably)
    • Reconfigured the module for the latest version of Lavalink


    npm i discord.js-lavalink-lib

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