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npm installnfo


Discord-yt-Poster is an automated, simple Package, which allows you to Easily integrate to your Discord Bot a Youtube Poster. This means, that it logs new Videos, or Streams and sends them to a Channel, you can define the Name, Link, User, and more! It is very fast and a scraper, so you don't need an API KEY. Also it is up to Date and includes JOSH, so you can decide if you wanna use the DEFAULT, JSON DB, or SQLITE, or Mongoos, so it works on repl.it too!


npm install discord-yt-poster@latest
const YoutubePoster = require("discord-yt-poster");
//Suggesting to require it once the bot is online, to reduce bugs...
client.on("ready", () => client.YTP = new YoutubePoster(client));
//use the methods
client.YTP.<Method>(<Options>); //returns -> Promise -> <OBJECT/ARRAY -- CHANNEL DATA>
//The logging is the package doing for you, you just need to use the setChannel() function in order to set the first channel which should get listened to!

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😎 Features

  • ⭐️ No Api Key needed - scraping
  • 🛠 Easy to use
  • 👀 Faster then light
  • 💪 Up to Date
  • 🤙 Infinite Channels, with infite amount of options
  • 🤖 Flexible

🧠 Methods

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