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    An innovative Bot for playing Tic Tac Toe on Discord!
    Created with discord.js.

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    "Discord TicTacToe" is a self-hosted NodeJS bot which allows you to play the popular TicTacToe game on Discord. Invite your friends or play against our robot, a fearsome opponent. Use /tictactoe command to challenge someone else and use buttons to play, so simple! Works out-of-the-box, no configuration needed.

    If you have a problem when using the bot, or you want to propose a new feature, feel free to open an issue.

    Have fun! 🥳


    Before installing the bot, you need to create your own Discord Application. Then, you can install the bot via Docker or npm (check below!). If you are not a programmer, I recommend you to opt for Docker because its the easiest solution.

    ⚠️ Make sure your Discord bot has these permissions in all channels where games can be played: "Read message history", "Send messages", "View channel", "Application commands" or "Add reactions" depending on what you plan to use.


    The module is suitable for discord.js v12, v13 and v14. Check the table below to see which version meets your needs.

    discord.js Node.JS Module version Status NPM package Docker image
    v14.* 16.9+ v4.* Active discord-tictactoe@^4 utarwyn/discord-tictactoe@4
    v13.* 16.6+ v3.* Active discord-tictactoe@^3 utarwyn/discord-tictactoe@3
    v12.* 14+ v2.* Legacy discord-tictactoe@^2 utarwyn/discord-tictactoe@2

    The bot works out-of-the-box. But if you want to configure it, check config.example.json file in the config folder.

    🔥 Discord buttons are only supported from v3 of the module.

    Running via Docker

    1. Make sure to have Docker installed.
    2. Start Docker container based on one of our DockerHub images using an API token:
      docker run -e TOKEN=YOUR_TOKEN utarwyn/discord-tictactoe@4
    3. You can pass options directly with -e OPTION_NAME=option_value or use the option -v $(pwd)/config/config.json:/app/config/config.json to load an entire config file.

    Running via Node.js

    1. Check with node -v that you are running appropriate Node.js version.
    2. Install the project from npm:
      npm install discord-tictactoe@^4 or yarn add discord-tictactoe@^4
    3. Import module into your script:
      const TicTacToe = require('discord-tictactoe');
    4. Check usage examples in this wiki page.

    Setup slash command

    Slash command are enabled by default starting from v3!
    Just mention the bot with tttdeploy somewhere in your server to install it (admin only).

    🚀 Want more info? Check this detailed guide.


    "Discord TicTacToe" is open-sourced software licensed under the Apache-2.0 license.

    GitHub @utarwyn  ·  Twitter @Utarwyn


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