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    discord-simple-multipurpose is an simple multipurpose package and easy to use


    Installing the package ⬇️

    npm i discord-simple-multipurpose

    Commands 📣

    • Advice
    • Joke
    • Lyrics
    • Meme
    • Quote
    • Neko
    • NekoGif
    • Waifu
    • owoify
    • emojify
    • reverse
    • shuffle
    • DogFact
    • CatFact
    • textToBinary
    • binaryToText
    • ascii

    More comming soon :DDD

    Example of how to use the command

    const Discord = require("discord.js");
    const client = new Discord.Client();
    const { Multi } = require("discord-simple-multipurpose");
    const something = new Multi();
    client.on("ready", () => {
      console.log(`Ready! Logged in as ${client.user.tag}!`)
    client.on("message", async message => {
        if (message.content.startsWith("!neko")) {
         let neko = await something.fetchNeko();
         let embed = new Discord.MessageEmbed()
       } else if (message.content.startsWith("!Waifu")) {
         let Waifu = await something.fetchWaifu();
         let embed = new Discord.MessageEmbed()
       client.login("Your token here")

    Fetching Methods.

    fetchAdvice(): Returns random advice.

       let data = await something.fetchAdvice()

    fetchJoke(): Returns random joke. Returns data.setup (Setup of the joke) and data.punchline (Punchline of the joke).

       let data = await something.fetchJoke()`${data.setup}\n${data.punchline}`)

    fetchLyrics(song): Returns lyrics of provided song.

       let data = await something.fetchLyrics("Perfect")

    fetchMeme(): Returns random meme. Returns data.title (meme title) and data.image (meme image).

       let data = await something.fetchMeme()`${data.title}\n${data.image}`)

    fetchQuote(): Returns random quote.

       let data = await something.fetchQuote()

    fetchNeko(): Returns random neko image.

       let data = await something.fetchNeko()

    fetchNekoGif(): Returns random neko gif.

       let data = await something.fetchNekoGif()

    fetchWaifu(): Returns random waifu image.

       let data = await something.fetchWaifu()

    fetchDogFact(): Returns random dog fact.

       let data = await something.fetchDogFact()

    fetchCatFact(): Returns random cat fact.

       let data = await something.fetchCatFact()

    Text-manipulation methods.

    owoify(text): Returns owoified text.

       let data = await something.owoify("hello friends!")

    emojify(text): Returns emojified text.

       let data = await something.emojify("something to emojify.")

    reverse(text): Returns reversed text.

       let data = await something.reverse("this will be reversed.")

    shuffle(text): Returns shuffled text.

       let data = await something.shuffle("some shuffled text.")

    textToBinary(text): Returns provided text into binary.

       let data = await something.textToBinary("binary test")

    binaryToText(binary): Returns provided binary into text.

       let data = await something.binaryToText("1100010 1101001 1101110")

    ascii(text): Returns provided text into ascii.

       let data = await something.ascii("e")

    Constructor Methods

    const { Multi } = require("discord-simple-multipurpose");
    const something = new Multi();

    My Discord bot

    Multipurpose Bot with 500+ commands zenitsu


    Don't forget to install the latest version of it

    Developer of the Package



    The Following Package uses NekoBot Api Nekobot API and to fetch images.


    npm i discord-simple-multipurpose

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