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Autogenerated always-up-to-date documentation of all commands available on various sources


  • Many web searches, such as Google, Google Images, Kitsu, YouTube, Steam and many more

  • Looking up data in the PokéDex

  • Playing games such as magic 8ball and flipping coins

  • Casino chips as currency

  • Music streaming from YouTube

  • Getting info on members and the current server

  • Monitor Twitch streamers and get a message when one goes live

  • Auto-moderation functions

  • Timed repeating messages

  • Basic support for being self-hosted. Installation instructions can be found on the wiki

  • Many other commands. See All Commands on the Wiki for the full list

Special Thanks

  • Hydrabolt for the DiscordJS library

  • Gawdl3y for the DiscordJS-Commando framework

  • York, the creator of AnIdiotsGuide for getting me started

  • Everyone on the DiscordJS server for answering various questions

  • Various people on Discord who gave me ideas for new functions or improvements to existing ones

  • All the creators of the node packages used in this bot

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