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    Discord server

    Discord-Live-Stats Dashboard

    The ultimate package for checking Shard-Live-Stats & Bot-Live-Stats. See & get informed and get control over each Shard.


    • Shard & Bot Status, RAM, CPU, PING, GuildCount & Last Message (Debug Message)
    • Kill specific Shards with a Button

    On Work:

    • Manage Shard from Dashboard (respawn...)
    • Guild Rentention
    • Notification on Discord & Browser, when Shards are offline
    • Commands Stats & User Activity


    See below for the Docs

    If you need help feel free to join our discord server. We will provide you all the help you need


    You can download it from npm:

    npm i discord-live-stats
    • Typings are on work for TypeScript-Devs

    Getting Started:

    First of all, you have to create a new File, which can be named server.js.

    In the server.js File you will need to insert the Code below, and install the NPM Package express by using npm i express

    Scroll down for Api References

    File: server.js

    const Stats  = require('discord-live-stats');
    const express = require("express");
    const app = express();
    const client = new Stats.Server(app, {
        bot: {
            name: "Your Bot Name",
            icon: "Your Discord Bot Avatar URL",
            website: "Your Website URL",
            client_id: "Discord Bot ID",
            client_secret: "Discord Bot Client_Secret (Not Token)"
        stats_uri: "http://localhost:3000/", //Base URL
        redirect_uri: "http://localhost:3000/login", //Landing Page
        owners: ["Bot_Owner1", "Bot_Owner2"],
        authorizationkey: "Your Password for verifying requests",
    client.on('error', console.log)
    app.listen(3000, () => {
      console.log("Application started, listening on port 3000!");

    You can start now start your Dashboard with node server.js.

    Go to the Discord Developer Portal and to Authorization and insert your redirect_uri there

    Now go to the stats_uri link or your choosen link and you should be redirected to the Dashboard with no Data.

    Pushing Data of your Client on the Dashboard

    Follow the upper step before doing this step.

    Open your bot.js File, where you login in the Client and insert this:

    File: bot.js

    const Stats  = require('discord-live-stats');
    const Discord = require('discord.js');
    const client = new Discord.Client()
    const Poster = new Stats.Client(client, {
        stats_uri: 'http://localhost:3000/',
        authorizationkey: "Your Password for verifying requests | Same as in Server.js",

    When you start your bot with or without Sharding, the Dashboard should show some information such as Status, Ram, Cpu, Ping, Guildcount and more data of each Shard and of all guilds in total.

    API References:

    new Server(EXPRESS_APP, config) && new Client(DISCORD_CLIENT, config)

    Config Options Default Description 'required' The Discord Bot Name
    bot.icon 'required' The icon url for the html page 'required' The Bot Website on the Footer
    bot.client_id 'required' The Discord Bot ID
    bot.client_secret 'required' The Discord Bot's Client Secret (Not Token)
    stats_uri 'required' The Base Dashboard Link
    redirect_uri 'required' The Discord Bot Redirect Url after authorization
    scope ['indentify'] Scopes, which should be used for authorization
    owners 'required' Array of Bot Owners, which can access the Dashboard
    postinterval 1000ms The Post Interval of the new client data
    login_path '/' The Path, where you can authorize yourself for accessing the Dashboard
    authorizationkey 'required' A random chosen Password/Key, which is used for verifying requests.
    markShardasDeadafter 5000ms How long to wait until the Shard is marked as dead on the Dashboard, when no new Data has been recieved

    Have fun! and feel free to contribute/suggest or contact me on my Discord Server or DM me Meister#9667

    Bugs, Glitches and Issues

    If you encounter any problems, feel free to open up an issue in our github repository or join our discord server!


    Partial Credits goes to ADMIN LTE for a good Starter Template, CSS and the Plugins...

    When you create Forks of this Package, do not remove the Credits :)


    npm i discord-live-stats

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