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A directory tree walker that broadcasts event as files are found.


sudo npm install dirwalker


# a temp directory for this example  
TMP = "#{__dirname}/tmp"

DirWalker = require('dirwalker')

#instantiate with the root path to start walking from
dirwalker = new DirWalker(TMP)

# set up some listeners
dirwalker.on('File', (filepath, stat) ->
  console.log("File: #{filepath} is found!")

dirwalker.on('Directory', (filepath, stat) ->
  console.log("Directory: #{filepath} is found!")

# start the walking process

File Types

7 file types are supported and DirWalker emits corresponding events.

Note those event names are capitalized.

File Directory BlockDevice FIFO Socket CharacterDevice SymbolicLink

Other file types will still be found and marked Unknown.

Listener functions will have filepath and stats from fs.lstat()

dirwalker.on('File', (filepath, stat) ->
  console.log("FilePath: #{filepath}")
  console.log("Stats: #{stats}")	  


In addition to the 8 file found events above, DirWalker broadcasts the following events as well.

When the whole walking is done, it emits "end" with an object that contains lists of all the files found under each file type as a key.
It also gives stats of all the files found during the walking operation.

dirwalker.on('end', (data, stats) ->
  # list all the files found
  # list all the symbolic links found
  for filepath, stat of stats
    console.log("Stats for #{filepath}")

When all the files inside a directory are read, it emits "read" with the directory path and an object that contains all the stats of the inside files from fs.lstat.

dirwalker.on('read', (dir, stats) ->
  console.log("#{dir} has been read!")
  for filepath, stat of stats
    console.log("Stats for #{filepath}")

If the given root directory doesn't exist, the walking operation cannot be initiated.

dirwalker.on('nofile', (err) ->

If the given root is not a directory, the walking operation still cannot be initiated.

dirwalker.on('not dir', (filepath, stats) ->
  console.log("#{filepath} is not a directory!")

Filter Function

A filter function can be set to ignore files and directories. If a directory is ignored, DirWalker doesn't go into that directory, so the sub contents under the directorey are all ignored, thus unreported.

dirwalker.setFilter((filepath, stat) ->
  return filepath is "#{TMP}/"

Running Tests

Run tests with mocha



DirWalker is released under the MIT License. - see LICENSE file