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directus-extension-xlsx-to-json is a directus-custom-endpoint library that allows you to convert xlsx to json simply and easily.


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  • Install by executing npm i directus-extension-xlsx-to-json
  • or yarn add directus-extension-xlsx-to-json.


Directus is a modern, open source data platform. With a headless API that manages custom SQL database architectures. It allows users to import/export collections in bulk via CSV files. But many of our clients still use Excel files for bulk uploads 🥹. I ran into the difficult task of having to transfer huge excel files (50k+ records at a time 😅) to the SQL database. And all that effort and dedication led me to create this practical and efficient solution. I hope you enjoy it 😉.

Getting started

  1. Install the package npm i directus-extension-xlsx-to-json.

  2. Create a collection where to save the excel.

  3. Create the collection where you are going to save the data of that excel.

  4. Create a flow to obtain the id of the uploaded Excel file and be able to pass it to the collection that will save the data.

Necessary Collections

Create a collection to store the files my-xlsx-collection

  • Create a file type field

Create a collection to store the data my-bulk-upload-collection

  • The fields in this collection have to match the excel columns

Necessary Flow

  • Create the flow that you think is appropriate to trigger

Keep in mind that you need the id of this file that you just uploaded to your assets

  • Then create a Webhook / Request URL
  • Method GET
  • URL {{$accountability.origin}}/items/{{$trigger.body.collection}}/{{$trigger.body.keys[0]}}

After that flow succeed...

  • Create another one Webhook / Request URL
  • Method POST
  • URL{{$accountability.origin}}/sheetToJson/{{$}}
  • Request body :{ "collection": "my-bulk-upload-collection" }


  • The fields in my-bulk-upload-collection have to match the excel columns. Otherwise it does not load the data and results in a 404 error
  • The id field has to be auto-incemented integer. Because this package does not handle uuid generators to be more optimal and light


  • You can treat these bulk upload collections as staging collections and then pass the data into a collection that handles the relationships between them and the necessary business logic. Is up to you


Sebastian Pulido
Software Developer at IbisDev

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