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Copy the contents of one directory to another

Copy the contents of one directory to another, and leave behind specified exclusions.

npm install directory-copy
var copy = require('directory-copy')
  • options is an options hash
    • src the source directory (required)
    • dest the destination directory (required)
    • excludes an array of RegExp objects to .test() filenames against. If the test returns true, the file won't be copied.
  • cb is the callback function (err) {} (err is null if ok)

copy() returns an event emitter that emits 'log' events.


    { src: __dirname + '/source/static'
    , dest: __dirname + '/output/static'
    , excludes: [ /^\./ ] // Exclude hidden files 
  , function () {
  .on('log', function (msg, level) {
    // Level is debug, info, warn or error 
    console.log(level + '' + msg)