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A directory cache + watch util

Directory Cache

A directory cache, built on top of DirectoryWatcher. The cache reads all the files in a directory and caches their content. When files are changed, added, deleted etc the cache will update and fire an event using the good old EventEmitter API.

npm install directory-cache
var DirectoryCache = require('directory-cache');
var cache = DirectoryCache.create({
directory: '/path/to/the/moon'
}/*, optionally supply a callback to automatically call .init */);
cache.on('add', function(files) {
var content = cache.getFileContent(files[0]);
// do something with content
cache.on('change', function(files) {
// etc...
cache.on('delete', function(files) {
// etc..
cache.on('error', function(err) {
// waaaaaaaaah!
cache.init(function(err) {
if (err) 
return console.log('ahhhhhhhhhhhh!', err);
var content = cache.getFileContent('moo.txt'); // returns the content of /path/to/the/moon/moo.txt
var files = cache.getFiles(); // returns all the files in /path/to/the/moon
// regular expression retains only json files
var DirectoryCache = require('directory-cache');
var cache = DirectoryCache.create({
directory: '/path/to/the/moon',
filter: /.*json/
// function filter that retains only json files
var cache2 = DirectoryCache.create({
directory: '/path/to/the/moon',
filter: function(file) { return file.slice(-5).toLowerCase() === '.json' }