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This is a small extension of Facebook's TransitionGroup and TransitionGroupChild components from React source code.

What's changed

TransitionGroup listens for bubbling click events from elements inside it and looks for data-direction attribute. Then, it sets a class for animated element: <animation name>-direction-<direction name>.

There is also a setDirection method on TransitionGroup to set direction name programmatically.


var TransitionGroup = require('directions-transition-group');
// Wrap your element
<TransitionGroup name="slide" ref="tg">
  <RouteHandler />
// Assign data-direction attribute
<a href="#next" data-direction="forward">Next</a> //will add .slide-direction-forward class when animating elements
<Link to="step-one" data-direction="whatever">Back</Link> //will add .slide-direction-whatever class when animating elements
// "API""swap");