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A code deployment utility built on NodeJS.

See the docco annotated source code


  1. $compile your diplo config into bash
  2. $save it to a file as a regular runnable bash script
  3. $execute it with various transports like ssh'ing to a remote host

Example diplo script:

module.exports = {

  transport: {
    ssh2: {
      host: "",
      user: "root",
      privateKey: "/Users/johnhatcher/.ssh/id_rsa",
      passphrase: 'password1'

  run: {

    set: {
      var1: "you win"

    run: [
      "echo Hello World",
      "echo $var1"
  failure: {
    run: "echo awwwww bummmmmer bro"

  success: {
    run: "echo wooooohoooooo!"